Would You Pay $1000 Every Month for Office Space? 

Would you pay $1000 per month for office space? Your employer does. This is a real cost, not inflated for dramatic effect. Take a look at the assumptions in Workplace1080 Office Space Calculator below. Or better yet enter your own metrics and see the actual annual cost for each occupied seat at your office. Is it worth it? 

Value is always more difficult to calculate than cost. But imagine that you got an allowance of $1000 for office rent. Here are your options:

  • Remit the money to your employer and keep your assigned office space as is
  • Keep the money and work from home
  • Remit the money plus another $1000 of your own money for a private office
  • Keep half the money and work in a shared space 2-3 days per week

There are two questions in this exercise -- what do YOU get from going to the office and what does your employer get? Unless we can answer for both, we are destined to do a poor job at supporting everyone's needs.

Play with the live spreadsheet -- see how much you could save every month. Or maybe that you and your employer are getting great value for your monthly office rent.

I'd especially appreciate comment on this subject. Feel free to share.