Would you pay $1000 per month for office space? Your employer does. With annual costs of $52.30 per SF and average 230 SF per seat one assigned seat costs $12,029 (based on 80% workstations, 40% of total leased area allocated for workstations and private office seats, with 15% vacancy). See for yourself by editing shaded cells in the table below, or just send me a note if you want to customize the calculator for your specific situation.

Is It Worth It?

Value is always more difficult to measure than cost, but if you had a monthly allowance of $1000 to spend at your discretion for office space, what would you do? Here are four options:

  • A. Keep the money and work from home
  • B. Give the money back and keep your assigned office space as is
  • C. Give the money back plus another $1000 of your own money for a private office
  • D. Keep half the money and work in a shared space 2-3 days per week

There are two issues here-- what do YOU get from showing up at the office and what does your EMPLOYER get. What's that worth? 

AuthorMarcia Hart