They would rather have brunch with their friends than mow the lawn. They don't want your status-symbol car either. What makes you think they’re going to want your old office?

Until recently it didn’t much matter what Millennials wanted. But now you need them. Look at this – it’s the demographic dumbbell, and it's a huge looming problem.

demographic dumbbell

What it means in the workplace

Boomer retirements eviscerate management ranks.
Generation X population lacks bandwidth to take over.
Competition for qualified leaders gets ugly.
Productivity goes down. Resources are scarce for reactive change.

The fix

Get active about knowledge-transfer.
Cultivate millennials for leadership.
Prepare to compete for talent.
Apply known principles (natural light, social interaction, physical movement, personal choice) for a more productive workplace now.

What it's worth

Changes that improve knowledge transfer, innovation, quality, and well-being, can improve productivity by 10%, measured as gross revenue per employee. For just 50 employees, that's worth $600,000 every year, assuming a modest $120K gross revenue per employee. For gross revenue per employee of $200K, the gains are worth $1.0 mil. per year. Serious numbers.


Who is responsible in your office for thinking about this stuff? If your workplace feels old or you have a lease transition coming up, consider calling us for an expert assessment. We’ll identify your opportunities and create a realistic roadmap. Whether or not you implement the plan, learn what you’re missing out on.

While you're toiling away in your private office, Millennials are eating your brunch.

AuthorMarcia Hart